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House Journal: Page 250: Tuesday, February 6, 1996

	Millage        	Nelson, B.      	Nutt                         
	Rants          	Renken         	Salton         	Schulte       
	Sukup          	Teig           	Thomson        	Tyrrell       
	Van Fossen     	Vande Hoef     	Veenstra       	Weidman       
	Welter         	Van Maanen, 
Absent or not voting, 3:

Baker          	Corbett, Spkr.        	   Siegrist       	
The motion to suspend the rules lost.

Jochum of Dubuque offered amendment H-5041 filed by Jochum et.
al., as follows:


 1     Amend House Joint Resolution 2003 as follows:
 2     1.  Page 3, by inserting after line 14, the
 3   following:
 4     "Sec.   .  The following amendment to the
 5   Constitution of the State of Iowa is proposed:
 6     Article II of the Constitution of the State of Iowa
 7   is amended by adding the following new section:
 8     ELECTIVE PROCESS.  Sec. 8.  The elective processes
 9   shall be free from financial bias.  Campaign
10   expenditure limits, subject to adjustment from time to
11   time, shall be set for each candidate for state
12   elective office, and contribution limits may be
13   imposed voluntarily by a candidate for state elective
14   office in exchange for public campaign funds.  The
15   General Assembly shall provide by law for
16   implementation of this section."
17     2.  Page 3, by striking line 15 and inserting the
18   following:
19     "Sec. ___.  The foregoing amendments to the
20   Constitution of the".
21     3.  Page 3, line 16, by striking the word "is" and
22   inserting the following:  "are".
23     4.  Title page, line 1, by striking the words "an
24   amendment" and inserting the following:  "amendments".
25     5.  Title page, line 6, by inserting after the
26   word "State" the following:  "and relating to campaign
27   receipts and expenditures".
28     6.  By numbering and renumbering as necessary.
Cormack of Webster rose on a point of order that amendment
H-5041 was not germane.
The Speaker ruled the point well taken and amendment H-5041 not
Jochum of Dubuque asked and received unanimous consent to
withdraw amendment H-5047 filed by Jochum, et. al., on February
5, 1996.

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