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Senate Journal: Page 1567: Tuesday, May 2, 1995


         The Secretary of the Senate submitted the following report:

         MR. PRESIDENT: The Secretary of the Senate respectfully reports
    that the following bill has been enrolled, signed by the President of
    the Senate and the Speaker of the House, and presented to the Governor
    for his approval on this 2nd day of May, 1995:

         Senate Files 394, 473 and 179.

    JOHN F. DWYER Secretary of the Senate

                            PRESENTATION OF VISITORS

         The Chair welcomed the following visitors who were present in the
    Senate gallery:

         Forty high school students from Albia High School, Albia,
    accompanied by Diane Tuttle. Senator Judge.

         Thirty-five students and chaperones from Bedford School and thirty
    Puerto Rican students and chaperones. Senator Boswell.

                          BILLS SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

         A communication was received announcing that on May 2, 1995, the
    Governor approved and transmitted to the Secretary of State the
    following bills:

         SENATE FILE 358 - An act relating to certain offenders of the motor
    vehicle laws, by providing for an administrative adjudication of the
    habitual offender status, providing for a youthful offender substance
    abuse awareness program, requiring ignition interlock devices for
    temporary restricted licenses, providing penalties, and providing for
    the payment of fees.

         SENATE FILE 427 - An Act relating to authorizing the payment of
    salaries to senior judges, providing for a maximum retirement annuity
    amount paid to senior judges, affecting senior judge retirement
    benefits, the appointment of judges to senior judge status, and
    providing effective and applicability dates.

         SENATE FILE 432 - An Act relating to sexually violent predators, by
    providing that the place of commitment shall be under the control of the
    department of corrections, by requiring the state to pay the costs
    incurred by a county for services in sexually violent offender
    proceedings, and providing an effective date.

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