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Senate Journal: Page 1560: Monday, May 1, 1995

         SENATE FILE 181 - Providing a sales tax exemption relating to
    aircraft, limiting the amount of refunds, and providing effective date
    and retroactive applicability provision.

         SENATE FILE 280 - Authorizing townships to provide emergency
    medical services.

         SENATE FILE 286 - Concerning workers compensation by providing for
    the computing of gross weekly earnings for volunteer ambulance drivers,
    emergency medical technician trainees, and seasonal workers, and
    relating to judicial review of workers compensation contested cases.

         SENATE FILE 293 - Relating to providing for a five-year minimum
    prison term for a person who uses a dangerous weapon in the commission
    of a forcible felony.

         SENATE FILE 315 - Relating to mental health and developmental
    disabilities assistance by extending a moratorium on the number of
    intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded beds and requiring
    certain reporting activities of the state-county management committee,
    and providing an effective date.

         SENATE FILE 373 - To permit the court to find a person in contempt
    for failure to pay restitution after the period of probation, work
    release, parole, or the persons sentence has ended and providing for the
    entry of a civil judgment for restitution owed to a victim.

         SENATE FILE 398 - Relating to commutation of sentences of persons
    who have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

         SENATE FILE 422 - Relating to the duties of county recorder, by
    transferring certain duties of the clerk of the district court relating
    to vital statistics and marriage, by providing for fees, by providing
    for other properly related matters, and providing effective dates.

         SENATE FILE 423 - Relating to delayed deposit services businesses
    and providing penalties.

         SENATE FILE 457 - Relating to the Civil Rights Commission
    concerning the enforcement of civil rights laws.

                                AMENDMENTS FILED

         S-3658        S.F.          485           Patrick J. Deluhery
                                                   Larry Murphy
         S-3659        H.F.          437           Michael E. Gronstal
         S-3660        S.F.          478           Richard F. Drake
                                                   Wayne Bennett
                                                   Randal J. Giannetto

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