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Senate Journal: Page 1385: Monday, April 24, 1995

                          BILLS SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

         Communication was received announcing that on April 24, 1995, the
    Governor approved and transmitted to the Secretary of State the
    following bills:

         SENATE FILE 88 - An act relating to statutory corrections which may
    adjust language to reflect current practices, insert earlier omissions,
    delete redundancies and inaccuracies, delete temporary language, resolve
    inconsistencies and conflicts, update ongoing provisions, or remove

         SENATE FILE 116 - Authorizing certain persons to access dependent
    adult abuse information.

         SENATE FILE 141 - Relating to notice for vacating and closing

         SENATE FILE 147 - Providing for the issuance of single general
    permits by the Department of Natural Resources and providing an
    effective date.

         SENATE FILE 149 - Relating to child support recovery.

         SENATE FILE 174 - Relating to health facilities under the purview
    of the Department of Inspections and Appeals.

         SENATE FILE 233 - Relating to the suspension and revocation of
    drivers licenses and providing penalties for violations of
    out-of-service orders.

         SENATE FILE 247 - Relating to plastic garbage can liners with
    recycled content.

         SENATE FILE 298 - Relating to implements of husbandry, concerning
    the definition of implements of husbandry and weight restrictions for
    certain implements of husbandry.

         SENATE FILE 352 - Relating to the family investment program and
    related human services programs by requiring the Department of Human
    Services to apply for certain federal waivers and providing
    applicability provisions.

         SENATE FILE 402 - Relating to brands registered by the Department
    of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and providing for penalties.

         SENATE FILE 440 - Relating to probate including the lien period for
    estates which have not been administered, the amount which may be passed
    to a minor without appointing a conservator, the distribution of an
    intestate estate to the parents, and special use trusts.

         SENATE FILE 458 - Relating to the duties of the county treasurer
    and providing effective and applicabiity dates.

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