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Senate Journal: Page 834: Wednesday, March 22, 1995

                           INTRODUCTION OF RESOLUTION

         Senate Resolution 12, by Priebe, a resolution requesting the
    legislative council to create a department of human services institution
    closure task force.

         Read first time and passed on file.

                              INTRODUCTION OF BILL

         Senate File 459, by committee on Appropriations, a bill for  an act
    relating to and making appropriations to the department of justice,
    office of consumer advocate, board of parole, department of corrections,
    judicial district departments of correctional services, judicial
    department, state public defender, Iowa law enforcement academy,
    department of public defense, and for the department of public safetys
    administration, division of criminal investigation and bureau of
    identification, division of narcotics enforcement, undercover purchases,
    and the state fire marshals office, for the fiscal year beginning July
    1, 1995, and providing effective dates and retroactive applicability.

         Read first time and placed on Appropriations Calendar.

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