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House Journal: Page 2246: Wednesday, May 3, 1995

Page 18

 1   appropriations under this Act shall eliminate, within
 2   thirty days after the beginning of a fiscal year, all
 3   vacant unfunded positions on the table of organization
 4   of the state department, agency, or office.
 6   OF TRAVEL AND RELATED EXPENSES.  The offices of the
 7   governor and lieutenant governor, the office of
 8   secretary of state, the office of treasurer of state,
 9   the auditor of state, the department of commerce, the
10   department of inspections and appeals, the Iowa ethics
11   and campaign disclosure board, the department of
12   general services, the department of management, the
13   department of revenue and finance, and the department
14   of personnel shall use the services of the state
15   communications network as much as possible for
16   interagency communication, meetings, and conferences
17   to reduce travel and related expenses for the
18   respective offices or departments.
20   EXPENDITURES.  The state departments, agencies, and
21   offices receiving appropriations under this Act shall
22   report all expenses in excess of the funds
23   appropriated from any statutory revolving funds during
24   the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1994, and ending
25   June 30, 1995.  The report shall also include the
26   beginning and ending balances of the revolving funds.
27     The report required pursuant to this section shall
28   be submitted not later than September 30, 1995, for
29   expenditures made during the fiscal year beginning
30   July 1, 1994, and ending June 30, 1995, to the
31   chairpersons and ranking members of the joint
32   appropriations subcommittee on administration and
33   regulations and the legislative fiscal bureau.
34     Sec. 32.  FEDERAL GRANTS.  All federal grants to
35   and the federal receipts of agencies appropriated
36   funds under this Act, not otherwise appropriated, are
37   appropriated for the purposes set forth in the federal
38   grants or receipts unless otherwise provided by the
39   general assembly.
40     Sec. 33.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  This section and section
41   27 of this Act take effect on June 30, 1995.  The
42   remainder of this Act takes effect on July 1, 1995."
43     2.  Title page, by striking lines 3 and 4 and
44   inserting the following:  "providing for other
45   properly related matters, and providing an effective
46   date."

Millage of Scott offered the following amendment H-4214, to the
committee amendment H-4212, filed by him from the floor and
moved its adoption:

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