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House Journal: Page 1954: Wednesday, April 26, 1995

37   matching subscribers with the present ability to pay
38   with subscribers with a present financial or medical
39   need.
40     4.  The organization, through its publication,
41   provides for the payment for subscriber financial or
42   medical needs through direct payments from one
43   subscriber to another.
44     5.  The organization, through its publication,
45   suggests amounts to contribute that are voluntary
46   among the subscribers, with no assumption of risk or
47   promise to pay either among the subscribers or between
48   the subscribers and the publication."
49     3.  Page 2, by inserting after line 2 the
50   following:

Page 2  

 1     "Sec. ___.  Section 507B.4, subsection 7, Code
 2   1995, is amended by adding the following new
 3   paragraph:
 4     NEW PARAGRAPH.  c.  Making or permitting any
 5   discrimination in the sale of insurance solely on the
 6   basis of domestic abuse as defined in section 236.2."
 7     4.  Page 5, by inserting after line 9 the
 8   following:
 9     "Sec. ___.  NEW SECTION.  514C.8  COORDINATION OF
11     1.  An insurer, health maintenance organization, or
12   hospital and medical service plan providing health
13   care coverage to individuals in this state shall not
14   consider the availability of or eligibility for
15   medical assistance under Title XIX of the federal
16   Social Security Act and chapter 249A, when determining
17   eligibility of the individual for coverage or
18   calculating payments to the individual under the
19   health care coverage plan.
20     2.  The state acquires the rights of an individual
21   to payment from an insurer, health maintenance
22   organization, or hospital or medical service plan to
23   the extent payment for covered expenses is made
24   pursuant to chapter 249A for health care items or
25   services provided to the individual.  Upon
26   presentation of proof that payment was made pursuant
27   to chapter 249A for covered expenses, the insurer,
28   health maintenance organization, or hospital or
29   medical service plan shall make payment to the state
30   medical assistance program to the extent of the
31   coverage provided in the policy or contract.
32     3.  An insurer shall not impose requirements on the
33   state with respect to the assignment of rights
34   pursuant to this section that are different from the
35   requirements applicable to an agent or assignee of a
36   covered individual.
37     4.  For purposes of this section, "insurer" means

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