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House Journal: Page 1867: Tuesday, April 25, 1995

11   the division would relocate."
12        .  Page 24, by inserting before line 2 the
13   following:
14     "Sec. ___.  Section 216A.2, Code 1995, is amended
15   to read as follows:
18     The governor shall appoint a director of the
19   department of human rights, subject to confirmation by
20   the senate.  The department director shall serve at
21   the pleasure of the governor.  The department director
22   shall:
23     1.  Establish general operating policies for the
24   department to provide general uniformity among the
25   divisions while providing for necessary flexibility.
26     2.  Receive budgets submitted by each commission
27   and reconcile the budgets among the divisions.  The
28   department director shall submit a budget for the
29   department, subject to the budget requirements
30   pursuant to chapter 8.
31     3.  Coordinate and supervise personnel services and
32   shared administrative support services to assure
33   maximum support and assistance to the divisions.
34     4.  Identify and, with the chief administrative
35   officers of each division, facilitate the
36   opportunities for consolidation and efficiencies
37   within the department.
38     5.  In cooperation with the commissions, make
39   recommendations to the governor regarding the
40   appointment of the administrator of each division.
41     6.  Serve as an ex officio member of all
42   commissions or councils within the department.
43     7.  Serve as chairperson of the human rights
44   administrative-coordinating council.
45     8.  Evaluate each administrator, after receiving
46   recommendations from the appropriate commissions or
47   councils, and submit a written report of the completed
48   evaluations to the governor and the appropriate
49   commissions or councils, annually.
50     9.  Administer the division of persons with

Page 3

 1   disabilities.
 2     The governor shall appoint the administrators of
 3   each of the divisions, except for the division of
 4   persons with disabilities, subject to confirmation by
 5   the senate.  Each administrator shall serve at the
 6   pleasure of the governor and is exempt from the merit
 7   system provisions of chapter 19A.  The governor shall
 8   set the salary of the division administrators within
 9   the ranges set by the general assembly.
10     Sec. ___.  Section 216A.71, subsection 1, Code
11   1995, is amended to read as follows:

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