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House Journal: Page 1824: Monday, April 24, 1995

2   section could have been used to establish the levy.
 3     There is appropriated each fiscal year from the
 4   general fund of the state to the department of
 5   education the amount required to pay advances
 6   authorized under this section, which shall be paid to
 7   school districts in the same manner as other state
 8   aids are paid under section 257.16.
 9     Sec. ___.  Section 265.6, Code 1995, is amended to
10   read as follows:
12     If the state board of regents has established a
13   laboratory school, it shall receive state aid pursuant
14   to chapters 256B and 257 for each pupil enrolled in
15   the laboratory school in the same amount as the public
16   school district in which the pupil resides would
17   receive aid for that pupil and shall transmit the
18   amount received to the institution of higher education
19   at which the laboratory school has been established.
20   If the board of a school district terminates a
21   contract with the state board of regents for
22   attendance of pupils in a laboratory school, the
23   school district shall inform the department of
24   management of the number of these pupils who are
25   enrolled in the district on the third Friday of the
26   following September.  The department of management
27   shall pay to the school district, from funds
28   appropriated in section 257.16, an amount equal to the
29   amount of state aid paid for each pupil in that school
30   district for that school year in payments made as
31   provided in section 257.16.  However, payments shall
32   not be made for pupils for whom an advance is received
33   by the district under section 257.13."
34     2.  Title page, line 1, by inserting after the
35   word "Act" the following:  "providing an advance for
36   increasing enrollment for school districts and".
Millage of Scott rose on a point of order that amendment H-4043
was not germane.
The Speaker ruled the point well taken and amendment H-4043 not
Millage of Scott moved that the bill be read a last time now and
placed upon its passage which motion prevailed and the bill was
read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (S.F. 83)
The ayes were, 81:
Arnold         	Baker          	Bell           	Bernau
Blodgett       	Boddicker      	Boggess        	Brand
Branstad       	Brauns         	Burnett        	Carroll

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