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House Journal: Page 384: Thursday, February 9, 1995

45   by the pregnant minor to receive the order.
46     h.  An expedited, anonymous, confidential appeal
47   shall be available to a pregnant minor for whom the
48   court denies a petition for waiver of notification.
49   An order granting the pregnant minor's application for
50   waiver of notification is not subject to appeal.
Page   4
 1   Access to the appellate courts for the purpose of an
 2   appeal under this section shall be provided to a
 3   pregnant minor twenty-four hours a day, seven days a
 4   week.
 5     i.  The supreme court shall prescribe rules to
 6   ensure that the proceedings under this section are
 7   performed in an expeditious, anonymous, and
 8   confidential manner.
 9     j.  A pregnant minor who chooses to utilize the
10   waiver of notification procedures under this
11   subsection shall not be required to pay a fee at any
12   level of the proceedings.
13     k.  A person performing an abortion on a pregnant
14   minor under this chapter may inform the parent of the
15   pregnant minor of any necessary treatment resulting
16   from complications of the abortion procedure if, in
17   the judgment of the person, failure to inform the
18   parent would seriously jeopardize the health of the
19   pregnant minor.
20     6.  Venue for proceedings under this section is in
21   any court in the state.
22     7.  A person who performs an abortion in violation
23   of this section is guilty of a serious misdemeanor.
24     8.  A person who provides counseling pursuant to
25   subsection 4, paragraph "e", and who complies in good
26   faith with the requirements of that paragraph, is
27   immune from any liability, civil or criminal, which
28   might arise from the provision of counseling.
29     9.  A provider who performs an abortion on a
30   pregnant minor and who accepts a documentation of
31   counseling under subsection 4, paragraph "e", in good
32   faith, is immune from any liability, civil or
33   criminal, which might arise from the provider's
34   reliance on the documentation provided.  The immunity
35   provided under this subsection does not provide
36   immunity from liability to any provider who performs
37   abortions on pregnant minors and who relies on
38   counseling provided by a person associated with an
39   abortion provider.
40     10.  If a pregnant minor elects to continue the
41   pregnancy to term, following the birth of the child,
42   the pregnant minor shall seek the assistance of the
43   child support recovery unit in establishing the
44   paternity of the child, seeking support payments for a
45   reasonable amount of the costs associated with the

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