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House Journal: Page 381: Thursday, February 9, 1995

The committee amendment H-3009, as amended, was adopted, placing
the following amendments out of order:
Amendment H-3028, filed by Fallon of Polk on February 6, 1995.
Amendment H-3038, filed by Connors of Polk, et al., on February
7, 1995.
Witt of Black Hawk offered amendment H-3031 filed by Witt, et.
al., as follows:
 1     Amend Senate File 13, as amended, passed, and
 2   reprinted by the Senate as follows:
 3     1.  By striking everything after the enacting
 4   clause, and inserting the following:
 5     "Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  146A.1  NOTIFICATION OF
 9     1.  A person shall not perform an abortion on a
10   pregnant minor until at least forty-eight hours' prior
11   notification is provided to a parent of the pregnant
12   minor.
13     2.  The person who will perform the abortion shall
14   provide notification in person or by mailing the
15   notification by restricted certified mail to the
16   parent of the pregnant minor at the usual place of
17   abode of the parent.  For the purposes of delivery by
18   restricted certified mail, the time of delivery is
19   deemed to occur at twelve o'clock noon on the next day
20   on which regular mail delivery takes place, subsequent
21   to the mailing.
22     3.  For the purposes of this section, unless the
23   context otherwise requires:
24     a.  "Abortion" means an abortion as defined in
25   chapter 146.
26     b.  "Court" means the juvenile court.
27     c.  "Medical emergency" means a condition that,
28   based on a physician's clinical judgment, so
29   complicates the medical condition of a pregnant minor
30   as to necessitate the immediate abortion of the
31   minor's pregnancy to avert the minor's death, or for
32   which a delay will create risk of substantial and
33   irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.
34     d.  "Minor" means minor as defined in chapter 599.
35     e.  "Parent" means one parent of the pregnant minor
36   or the pregnant minor's guardian or custodian.
37     4.  Notification shall not be required under this
38   section if any of the following conditions applies:
39     a.  The attending physician certifies that a
40   medical emergency existed.  The attending physician
41   shall certify in writing the basis for the medical
42   judgment that a medical emergency existed and shall

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