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Senate File 2169

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  99B.12A  NONREGULATED RAFFLES.
  1  2    1.  As used in this section unless the context otherwise
  1  3 requires:
  1  4    a.  "Candidate's committee" means a candidate's committee
  1  5 as defined in section 56.2.
  1  6    b.  "Nonprofit corporation" means an organization
  1  7 incorporated pursuant to chapter 504A.
  1  8    c.  "Political party"  means a political party as defined
  1  9 in section 43.2 or a nonparty political organization that has
  1 10 qualified to place a candidate as its nominee for statewide
  1 11 office pursuant to chapter 44.
  1 12    2.  A fair, nonprofit corporation, political party, or
  1 13 candidate's committee may conduct one raffle during a calendar
  1 14 year without obtaining a license or paying a fee to the
  1 15 department if the cumulative total value of prizes distributed
  1 16 to winners does not exceed five thousand dollars.  The raffle
  1 17 tickets sold pursuant to this subsection are exempt from the
  1 18 retail sales taxes as provided in section 422.43.
  1 19    3.  If a provision of this section conflicts with a
  1 20 provision of any other section of this chapter, the provision
  1 21 of this section shall prevail.
  1 22    Sec. 2.  Section 422.43, subsections 2 and 3, Code
  1 23 Supplement 1995, are amended to read as follows:
  1 24    2.  There is imposed a tax of five percent upon the gross
  1 25 receipts derived from the operation of all forms of amusement
  1 26 devices and games of skill, games of chance, raffles, and
  1 27 bingo games as defined in chapter 99B, operated or conducted
  1 28 within the state, the tax to be collected from the operator in
  1 29 the same manner as for the collection of taxes upon the gross
  1 30 receipts of tickets or admission as provided in this section.
  1 31 The tax shall also be imposed upon the gross receipts derived
  1 32 from the sale of lottery tickets or shares pursuant to chapter
  1 33 99E.  The tax on the lottery tickets or shares shall be
  1 34 included in the sales price and distributed to the general
  1 35 fund as provided in section 99E.10.  The tax imposed pursuant
  2  1 to this subsection does not apply to raffles authorized
  2  2 pursuant to section 99B.12A.
  2  3    3.  The Except raffles authorized pursuant to section
  2  4 99B.12A, the tax thus imposed covers all receipts from the
  2  5 operation of games of skill, games of chance, raffles and
  2  6 bingo games as defined in chapter 99B, and musical devices,
  2  7 weighing machines, shooting galleries, billiard and pool
  2  8 tables, bowling alleys, pinball machines, slot-operated
  2  9 devices selling merchandise not subject to the general sales
  2 10 taxes and on all receipts from devices or systems where prizes
  2 11 are in any manner awarded to patrons and upon the receipts
  2 12 from fees charged for participation in any game or other form
  2 13 of amusement, and generally upon the gross receipts from any
  2 14 source of amusement operated for profit, not specified in this
  2 15 section, and upon the gross receipts from which no tax is
  2 16 collected for tickets or admission, but no tax shall be
  2 17 imposed upon any activity exempt from sales tax under section
  2 18 422.45, subsection 3.  Every person receiving gross receipts
  2 19 from the sources defined in this section is subject to all
  2 20 provisions of this division relating to retail sales tax and
  2 21 other provisions of this chapter as applicable.  
  2 22 SF 2169
  2 23 tj/cc/26

Text: SF02168                           Text: SF02170
Text: SF02100 - SF02199                 Text: SF Index
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