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House File 2207

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 307A.2, subsection 12, Code 1995, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    12.  Prepare, adopt and cause to be published a long-range
  1  4 program for the primary road system, in conjunction with the
  1  5 state transportation plan adopted by the commission.  Such
  1  6 program shall be prepared for a period of at least five years
  1  7 and shall be revised, brought up to date and republished at
  1  8 least once every year in order to have a continuing five-year
  1  9 program.  The program shall include, insofar as such estimates
  1 10 can be made, an estimate of the money expected to become
  1 11 available during the period covered by the program and a
  1 12 statement of the construction, maintenance, and other work
  1 13 planned to be performed during such period.  The commission
  1 14 shall conduct periodic reinspections of the primary roads in
  1 15 order to revise, from time to time, its estimates of future
  1 16 needs to conform to the physical and service conditions of the
  1 17 primary roads.  The commission shall annually cause to be
  1 18 published a sufficiency rating report showing the relative
  1 19 conditions of the primary roads.  Before the last day of
  1 20 December of each year, the commission shall adopt and cause to
  1 21 be published from its long-range program, a plan of
  1 22 improvements to be accomplished during the next calendar year.
  1 23 However, in years when the federal government is reauthorizing
  1 24 federal highway funding, the commission shall not be required
  1 25 to adopt and publish the annual plan of improvements to be
  1 26 accomplished until at least ninety days from the enactment of
  1 27 the new federal funding formula.  This annual program shall
  1 28 list definite projects in order of urgency and shall include a
  1 29 reasonable year's work with the funds estimated to be
  1 30 available.  The annual program shall be final and followed by
  1 31 the commission in the next year except that deviations may be
  1 32 made in case of disaster or other unforeseen emergencies or
  1 33 difficulties.  The relative urgency of the proposed
  1 34 improvements shall be determined by a consideration of the
  1 35 physical condition, safety, and service characteristics of the
  2  1 various primary roads.  
  2  2                           EXPLANATION
  2  3    Current law requires the state transportation commission to
  2  4 adopt annually by December 31, a plan of highway improvements
  2  5 to be accomplished during the next year.  These improvements
  2  6 are to be consistent with the five-year transportation plan.
  2  7 The annual plan is required to list definite projects in order
  2  8 of urgency and include a reasonable year's work with the funds
  2  9 estimated to be available.  This bill provides that the state
  2 10 transportation commission has 90 days from the date of the
  2 11 enactment of a new federal highway reauthorization formula to
  2 12 publish the annual plan.  
  2 13 LSB 4100HH 76
  2 14 js/jj/8

Text: HF02206                           Text: HF02208
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