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House File 2144

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  514C.11  SERVICES PROVIDED BY
  1  4    Notwithstanding section 514C.6, a policy or contract
  1  5 providing for third-party payment or prepayment of health or
  1  6 medical expenses shall include a provision for the payment of
  1  7 necessary medical or surgical care and treatment provided by a
  1  8 physician assistant licensed pursuant to chapter 148C, or
  1  9 provided by an advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed
  1 10 pursuant to chapter 152 and performed within the scope of the
  1 11 license of the licensed physician assistant or the licensed
  1 12 advanced registered nurse practitioner if the policy or
  1 13 contract would pay for the care and treatment if the care and
  1 14 treatment were provided by a person engaged in the practice of
  1 15 medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery under
  1 16 chapter 148 or 150A.  The policy or contract shall provide
  1 17 that policyholders and subscribers under the policy or
  1 18 contract may reject the coverage for services which may be
  1 19 provided by a licensed physician assistant or licensed
  1 20 advanced registered nurse practitioner if the coverage is
  1 21 rejected for all providers of similar services.  A policy or
  1 22 contract subject to this section shall not impose a practice
  1 23 or supervision restriction which is inconsistent with or more
  1 24 restrictive than the restriction already imposed by law.  This
  1 25 section applies to services provided under a policy or
  1 26 contract delivered, issued for delivery, continued, or renewed
  1 27 in this state on or after July 1, 1996, and to an existing
  1 28 policy or contract, on the policy's or contract's anniversary
  1 29 or renewal date, or upon the expiration of the applicable
  1 30 collective bargaining contract, if any, whichever is later.
  1 31 This section does not apply to policyholders or subscribers
  1 32 eligible for coverage under Title XVIII of the federal Social
  1 33 Security Act or any similar coverage under a state or federal
  1 34 government plan.  For the purposes of this section, third-
  1 35 party payment or prepayment includes an individual or group
  2  1 policy of accident or health insurance or individual or group
  2  2 hospital or health care service contract issued pursuant to
  2  3 chapter 509, 514, or 514A, an individual or group health
  2  4 maintenance organization contract issued and regulated under
  2  5 chapter 514B, an organized delivery system contract regulated
  2  6 under rules adopted by the director of public health, or a
  2  7 preferred provider organization contract regulated pursuant to
  2  8 chapter 514F.  Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to
  2  9 require an individual or group health maintenance
  2 10 organization, an organized delivery system, or a preferred
  2 11 provider organization or arrangement to provide payment or
  2 12 prepayment for services provided by a licensed physician
  2 13 assistant or licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner
  2 14 unless the physician assistant's supervising physician, the
  2 15 physician-physician assistant team, the advanced registered
  2 16 nurse practitioner, or the advanced registered nurse
  2 17 practitioner's collaborating physician has entered into a
  2 18 contract or other agreement to provide services with the
  2 19 individual or group health maintenance organization, the
  2 20 organized delivery system, or the preferred provider
  2 21 organization or arrangement.  
  2 22 HF 2144
  2 23 pf/pk/25

Text: HF02143                           Text: HF02145
Text: HF02100 - HF02199                 Text: HF Index
Bills and Amendments: General Index     Bill History: General Index

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