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Senate File 2031

Bill History prepared on JUL 10, 1996 .

Introduced by
Boswell, Husak, Judge, Kibbie, Fraise, Jensen, Gettings, Dearden, Gronstal, Bisignano, Sorensen, Dvorsky, Black, Giannetto, Deluhery, Fink, Rittmer, Murphy, Palmer, Szymoniak, Flynn, Lundby, Neuhauser, Banks, Iverson, Priebe, Connolly and Hansen.
A bill for an act relating to the compensation of merchant marines for active service, creating a merchant marine service compensation fund, providing for administrative procedures, providing for other properly related matters, making an appropriation, and providing a penalty.


Jan. 10 96
Introduced, passed on file. S.J. 56.
Jan. 10 96
Referred to Appropriations. S.J. 63.
Jan. 16 96
Subcommittee, Kibbie, Boswell and Kramer. S.J. 77.

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