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House File 2091

Bill History prepared on JUL 10, 1996 .

Introduced by
Larkin, O'Brien, Wise, Mertz, Nelson of Pottawattamie, Harper, Jochum, Myers, Bell, Drees, May, Cohoon, Witt, Connors, Schrader, Taylor, Mascher, Burnett, Koenigs, Weigel, Mundie, Ollie, Murphy, McCoy, Moreland, Brand, Holveck, Shoultz, Warnstadt and Cataldo.
A bill for an act relating to prison time served by persons convicted of an aggravated misdemeanor or greater offense, providing for a reduction in the amount of good and honor time that may be earned by forcible felons, providing for a legislative interim and a departmental study, providing for a pilot project, and making other related changes.


Jan. 19 96
Introduced, referred to Judiciary. H.J. 95.
Jan. 25 96
Subcommittee, Grubbs, Hurley and Kreiman. H.J. 125.

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