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House File 297

Bill History prepared on JUL 10, 1996 .

Introduced by
Witt, Klemme, Schulte, Welter, Connors, Coon, Harper, Mascher and Mundie.
A bill for an act to provide for the impoundment of motor vehicles which are driven by persons whose licenses are suspended, revoked, or barred, for operating while intoxicated or offenses in which a violation of the prohibition against operating while intoxicated is established, and providing a procedure for return of motor vehicles which are impounded.


Mar. 08 95
Introduced, referred to Judiciary. H.J. 699.
Mar. 13 95
Subcommittee, Veenstra, Moreland and Schulte. H.J. 748.
Apr. 10 95
Amendment H. 3838 filed. H.J. 1399.

* * * * * END OF 1995 ACTIONS * * * * *

Jan. 16 96
Subcommittee reassigned, Coon, Schulte and Shoultz. H.J. 83.

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