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House Concurrent Resolution 15

Bill History prepared on JUL 10, 1996 .

Introduced by
Gries, Rants, Vande Hoef, Eddie, Huseman, Greig, Klemme, Warnstadt, Houser, Nelson of Pottawattamie, Daggett, Drake, Veenstra and Nutt.
A concurrent resolution objecting to a plan proposed by the United States Corps of Engineers to dramatically alter the operation of the Missouri River, and to request that the current operation of the river be maintained or that an alternative plan be considered that does not negatively impact upon the effective operation of the river.


Jan. 31 95
Resolution filed. H.J. 225.
Jan. 31 95
Referred to Agriculture. H.J. 225.
Feb. 01 95
Subcommittee, Klemme, Boggess and Burnett. H.J. 254.
Feb. 08 95
Withdrawn. H.J. 304.

* * * * * END OF 1995 ACTIONS * * * * *

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