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The governor of Iowa having, by his proclamation, designated August 10, 1894, as battleflag day, and the day on which the flags and banners carried by Iowa regiments and batteries during the war of the rebellion, would be transferred from the arsenal to the cases provided for their reception in the capitol building, the following announcement of the order of exercises for the day is made by the committee on arrangements for the information of all interested.

The line will be formed for the parade promptly at 1 o'clock P.M., in the following order:




The column being formed will proceed to the arsenal, where the battleflags and banners will be delivered to the color-bearers of the respective regiments and batteries by Lieutenant-Governor Warren S. Dungan, late Lieutenant-Colonel of the Twenty-fourth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and thence to the capitol building, where the following exercises will be held:

  1. Call to Order, General J. W. Noble, Presiding Officer.
  2. Music, Des Moines Union Band.
  3. Invocation, Rev. A. V. Kendrick.
  4. Original Poem, Major S. H. M. Byers.
  5. Address, "Returning Flags to the State." Major John F. Lacey.
  6. Response, Governor Frank D. Jackson.
  7. Martial Music, Carper's Drum Corps.
  8. Song, "Star Spangled Banner.", Mrs. Jesse Cheek.

The railroads of Iowa have granted the usual rate of one fare for the round trip from all points in the state to Des Moines, tickets to be on sale August 8th, 9th and 10th, up to the time of the exercises, and good returning August 11th.

It is most desirable that all Iowa soldiers who can possibly do so, arrive in Des Moines as early as practicable Thursday, August 9th, for the purpose of perfecting regimental organizations, preparatory to the formation of the parade on the following day, by the selection of regimental commanders and color-bearers.

Upon arriving in Des Moines all Iowa soldiers should report as soon as possible at the adjutant-general's office in the capitol building, where rooms will be provided for the purpose of holding regimental meetings.

Crocker and Kinsman Posts, G. A. R., of Des Moines, having generously taken an active interest in the matter, the committee can assure all comrades who come that they will be able to obtain good accommodations at reasonable prices.

Comrades, come! It is the last opportunity we shall have to march under the folds of these sacred, battle-scarred emblems of the patriotism and valor of Iowa soldiers, living and dead.

Come, join us once more in doing honor, in peace, to the dear old flags that were never dishonored in war.


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