Sentencing Commission


Committee Charge: Review current criminal penalties and sentencing practices, including but not limited to the effects mandatory minimum penalties, mandatory service of sentence requirements, and sentence enhancements have on sentencing practices. Consider the effects that those sentencing practices and restrictions on Board of Parole discretion have on populations at state and community-based correctional facilities, as well as the numbers of persons on probation and on parole. Conduct a comparative assessment of the relative penalties imposed for various crimes based not only on the threat posed by the prohibited criminal conduct, but also by the risk associated with particular criminal offenders. Review the efforts of other states to implement reforms of sentencing policy which permit the effective management of correctional resources while accommodating public safety concerns. Review the treatment approaches available and used in the United States and other countries to rehabilitate juvenile and adult sex offenders and to deter those persons from engaging in criminal sexual acts or activities in the future. Make an interim report for the 1999 Legislative Session and a final report for the 2000 Legislative Session. The Commission may seek and utilize grants or other outside funding and assistance provided for research and other purposes of the Commission. Not more than $65,000 is authorized for LSB to retain administrative staffing and cover other costs for this Commission.




Final Report

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