692A.13  Availability of records.

Information contained in the sex offender registry is a confidential record under section 22.7, subsection 9, and shall only be disseminated or redisseminated as provided in section 692A.13A or as follows:

1.  The department, sheriff, or a police department may disclose information to criminal or juvenile justice agencies for law enforcement or prosecution purposes.

2.  A department listed under section 692A.13A or a juvenile court officer conducting a risk assessment may disclose information to government agencies which are conducting confidential background investigations.

3.  The department or a criminal or juvenile justice agency may release relevant information from the registry except as otherwise provided in section 692A.13A, subsection 3, to members of the general public concerning a specific person who is required to register under this chapter as follows:

a.  Any person may contact a sheriff's office or a police department in writing to request information regarding any person required to register. A request for information shall include the name and one or more of the following identifiers pertaining to the person about whom information is sought:

(1)  The person's date of birth.

(2)  The person's social security number.

(3)  The person's address.

b.  A county sheriff or a police department shall also provide to any person upon request, access to the list of all registrants in that county who have been classified as "at-risk" in this state, however, records of persons protected under 18 U.S.C. § 3521 shall not be disclosed.

c.  Upon the appropriation of sufficient funds, the department shall provide electronic access to relevant information from the registry for the following:

(1)  Persons who commit a criminal offense against a minor, an aggravated offense, sexual exploitation, a sexually violent offense, or an other relevant offense on or after July 1, 1999, and who have been assessed to be "moderate-risk" or "high-risk".

(2)  Persons who committed an offense prior to July 1, 1999, and who have been assessed to be "moderate-risk" or "high-risk" and whose opportunity to request a hearing regarding the assessment of risk has lapsed.

4.  The department may disseminate departmental analyses of information contained in the sex offender registry to persons conducting bona fide research, if the data does not contain individually identified information, as defined under section 692.1.

5.  Criminal history data contained in the registry may be released as provided in chapter 692 or used by criminal or juvenile justice agencies as an index for purposes of locating a relevant conviction record.

6.  A criminal or juvenile justice agency shall not initiate affirmative public notification regarding an individual who has been convicted of kidnapping or false imprisonment, and the crime did not involve attempted sexual abuse or sexual abuse, and the person has not committed another offense that would require the person to register.

7.  Notwithstanding sections 232.147 through 232.151, records concerning convictions for criminal offenses against a minor, sexual exploitation, other relevant offenses, or sexually violent offenses which are committed by a minor may be released in the same manner as records of convictions of adults.

8.  The department shall provide information for purposes of the single contact repository established pursuant to section 135C.33, in accordance with rules adopted by the department.

Section History: Recent form

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