555A.5  Effect on indebtedness.

Rescission of any contract pursuant to this chapter or the failure to provide a copy of the contract to the buyer as required by this chapter shall void any contract, note, instrument, or other evidence of indebtedness executed or entered into in connection with the contract and shall constitute a complete defense in any action based on the contract, note, instrument or other evidence of indebtedness brought by the seller, the seller's successors or assigns unless a successor or assignee of the seller after the seventh business day following the day the contract was signed has detrimentally relied upon a representation of the buyer that the contract has not been rescinded. This section shall not affect the rights of holders in due course of checks made by the buyer.

Section History: Early form

  [C75, 77, § 713B.5; C79, 81, § 82.5]

Section History: Recent form

  C93, § 555A.5

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