904.105  Board--duties.

The board of corrections shall:

1.  Organize annually and select a chairperson and vice chairperson.

2.  Adopt and establish policies for the operation and conduct of the department and the implementation of all department programs.

3.  Recommend to the governor the names of individuals qualified for the position of director when a vacancy exists in the office.

4.  Report immediately to the governor any failure by the director of the department to carry out any of the policy decisions or directives of the board.

5.  Approve the budget of the department prior to submission to the governor.

6.  Report biennially to the governor a summary of releases recommended, paroles granted, parole revocations, and other information relating to the parole of inmates as the board deems advisable.

7.  Adopt rules in accordance with chapter 17A as the board deems necessary to transact its business and for the administration and exercise of its powers and duties.

8.  Make recommendations from time to time to the governor and the general assembly.

9.  Approve the locations for all state institutions which are penal, reformatory, or corrective.

10.  Perform other functions as provided by law.

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 904.909

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