523A.501  Establishment permits.

1.  A person shall not advertise, sell, promote, or offer to furnish cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise, funeral services, or a combination thereof when performance or delivery may be more than one hundred twenty days following the initial payment on the account without an establishment permit. Each establishment must have an establishment permit.

2.  An application for an establishment permit shall be filed on a form prescribed by the commissioner, be accompanied by a fifty dollar filing fee, and include a copy of each purchase agreement the person will use for sales of cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise, funeral services, or a combination thereof.

3.  The application shall contain:

a.  The name and address of the establishment.

b.  The name and address of any additional provider of cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise, funeral services, or a combination thereof.

c.  The name and address of each owner, officer, or other official of the establishment, including when relevant the chief executive officer and the members of the board of directors.

d.  A description of any common business enterprise or parent company.

e.  The types of cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise, funeral services, or a combination thereof to be sold.

f.  The types of trust or trust alternatives utilized by the establishment and a list of the financial institutions, storage facilities, surety companies, and insurance companies utilized by the establishment on a regular basis.

4.  A permit holder shall inform the commissioner of changes in the information required to be provided by subsection 3 within thirty days of the change.

5.  An establishment permit is not assignable or transferable. A permit holder selling all or part of an establishment shall cancel the permit and the purchaser shall apply for a new permit in the purchaser's name within thirty days of the sale.

6.  The commissioner shall grant or deny a permit application within thirty days after receipt, but the commissioner's failure to act within that time period shall not be deemed approval of the application. If the commissioner does not grant the permit, the commissioner shall notify the person in writing of the reasons for the denial. The permit shall disclose on its face the permit holder's employer or the establishment on whose behalf the applicant will be making or attempting to make sales, the permit number, and the expiration date.

7.  An initial permit is valid for two years from the date the application is filed. A permit may be renewed for two years by filing the form prescribed by the commissioner under subsection 2, accompanied by a ten dollar renewal fee. Submission of purchase agreements is not required for renewals unless the purchase agreements have been modified since the last filing.

8.  The commissioner may by rule create or accept a multijurisdiction establishment permit. If the establishment permit is issued by another jurisdiction, the rules shall require the filing of an application or notice form and payment of the applicable filing fee of fifty dollars for an initial application and ten dollars for a renewal application. The application or notice form utilized and the effective dates and terms of the permit may vary from the provisions set forth in subsections 2, 3, and 7.

Section History: Recent form

  2001 Acts, ch 118, §33

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