482.12  Freshwater mussels.

1.  A person shall not take, possess, or sell freshwater mussels from the waters of the state without an appropriate license.

a.  A sport fishing license entitles a person to take and possess a maximum of twenty pounds of mussels or shells daily. The possession limit for each licensee is twenty pounds of live mussels or shells. Sale of mussels or shells is not permitted with a sport fishing license.

b.  A commercial mussel license is required to take more than twenty pounds of mussels or shells daily, or possess more than twenty pounds of mussels or shells. The holder of a commercial mussel license may sell mussels or shells.

c.  A commercial mussel buyer license is required to buy mussels or shells.

d.  A commercial mussel helper license is required to assist commercial mussel fishers in the possessing, processing, or transporting of commercial freshwater mussels. The taking or sale of mussels or shells is not permitted with a commercial mussel helper license.

2.  A person may take all species of freshwater mussels, or their parts, except where otherwise prohibited by rules of the commission.

3.  The method of taking freshwater mussels shall only be by hand, by diving, or by crowfoot bar, a device designed to catch mussels by inserting hooks between the shells, or by other means designated by rules of the commission. A crowfoot bar shall not exceed twenty feet in length and a licensee shall not fish more than three bars.

Section History: Recent form

  86 Acts, ch 1141, § 12

  C87, § 109B.12

  89 Acts, ch 192, §4; 91 Acts, ch 170, §4

  C93, § 482.12

Internal References

  Referred to in § 805.8B(3"o")


  For applicable scheduled fines, see §805.8B, subsection 3, paragraph o

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