455B.517  Duties of land quality and waste management assistance division.

The land quality and waste management assistance division shall do all of the following:

1.  Establish the criteria for the development of the toxics pollution prevention program.

2.  Develop and implement a toxics pollution prevention program.

3.  Assist toxics users in the completion of toxics pollution prevention plans and inventories, and provide technical assistance as requested by the toxics user.

4.  Seek, receive, and accept funds in the form of appropriations, grants, awards, wills, bequests, endowments, and gifts for the uses designated pursuant to section 455B.133B. The division shall also coordinate existing resources and oversee the disbursement of federal grant moneys to provide consistency in achieving the toxics pollution prevention goal of the state.

5.  Develop and implement guidelines regarding assistance to toxics users to ensure that the plans are multimedia in approach and are not duplicated by the department or other agencies of the state.

6.  Identify obstacles to the promotion, within the toxics user community, of toxics pollution prevention techniques and practices.

7.  Compile an assessment inventory, through solicitation of recommendations of toxics users and owners and operators of air contaminant sources, of the informational and technical assistance needs of toxics users and air contaminant sources.

8.  Function as a repository of research, data, and information regarding toxics pollution prevention activities throughout the state.

9.  Provide a forum for public discussion and deliberation regarding toxic substances and toxics pollution prevention.

10.  Promote increased coordination between the department, the Iowa waste reduction center at the university of northern Iowa, and other departments, agencies, and institutions with responsibilities relating to toxic substances.

11.  Coordinate state and federal efforts of clearinghouses established to provide access to toxics reduction and management data for the use of toxics users.

12.  Make recommendations to the general assembly by January 1, 1992, regarding a funding structure for the long- term implementation and continuation of a toxics pollution prevention program.

13.  Work with the Iowa waste reduction center at the university of northern Iowa to assist small business toxics users with plan preparation and technical assistance.

Section History: Recent form

  91 Acts, ch 255, § 4; 92 Acts, ch 1239, § 21; 95 Acts, ch 26, §3; 2001 Acts, ch 7, §12

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