284.6  Teacher career development.

1.  The department shall coordinate a statewide network of career development for Iowa teachers. A participating school district or career development provider that offers a career development program in accordance with section 256.9, subsection 50, shall demonstrate that the program contains the following:

a.  Support that meets the career development needs of individual teachers and is aligned with the Iowa teaching standards.

b.  Research-based instructional strategies aligned with the school district's student achievement needs and the long-range improvement goals established by the district.

c.  Instructional improvement components including student achievement data, analysis, theory, classroom demonstration and practice, technology integration, observation, reflection, and peer coaching.

d.  An evaluation component that documents the improvement in instructional practice and the effect on student learning.

2.  The department shall identify models of career development practices that produce evidence of the link between teacher training and improved student learning.

3.  A participating school district shall incorporate a district career development plan into the district's comprehensive school improvement plan submitted to the department in accordance with section 256.7, subsection 21. The district career development plan shall include a description of the means by which the school district will provide access to all teachers in the district to career development programs or offerings that meet the requirements of subsection 1. The plan shall align all career development with the school district's long-range student learning goals and the Iowa teaching standards. The plan shall indicate the school district's approved career development provider or providers.

4.  In cooperation with the teacher's supervisor, the teacher employed by a participating school district shall develop an individual teacher career development plan. The individual plan shall be based, at minimum, on the needs of the teacher, the Iowa teaching standards, and the student achievement goals of the attendance center and the school district as outlined in the comprehensive school improvement plan. The individual plan shall be reviewed by the teacher and the teacher's supervisor at the teacher's annual review, and shall be modified as necessary to reflect the individual teacher's and the school district's needs and the individual's progress in the plan.

5.  School districts, a consortium of school districts, area education agencies, higher education institutions, and other public or private entities including professional associations may be approved by the state board to provide teacher career development. The career development program or offering shall, at minimum, meet the requirements of subsection 1. The state board shall adopt rules for the approval of career development providers and standards for the district career development plan.

Section History: Recent form

  2001 Acts, ch 161, §7

Internal References

  Referred to in § 284.13

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