284.2  Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1.  "Beginning teacher" means an individual serving under an initial provisional license, issued by the board of educational examiners under chapter 272, who is assuming a position as a classroom teacher.

2.  "Classroom teacher" means an individual who holds a valid practitioner's license and who is employed under a teaching contract with a school district or area education agency in this state to provide classroom instruction to students.

3.  "Comprehensive evaluation" means a summative evaluation of a teacher conducted by an evaluator for purposes of performance review, or recommendation for licensure based upon models developed pursuant to section 256.9, subsection 50, and to determine whether the teacher's practice meets the school district expectations for a career, career II, or advanced level.

4.  "Department" means the department of education.

5.  "Director" means the director of the department of education.

6.  "Evaluator" means an administrator or other practitioner who successfully completes an evaluator training program pursuant to section 284.10.

7.  "Mentor" means an individual employed by a school district or area education agency as a classroom teacher or a retired teacher who holds a valid license issued under chapter 272. The individual must have a record of four years of successful teaching practice, must be employed as a classroom teacher on a nonprobationary basis, and must demonstrate professional commitment to both the improvement of teaching and learning and the development of beginning teachers.

8.  "School board" means the board of directors of a school district or a collaboration of boards of directors of school districts.

9.  "State board" means the state board of education.

10.  "Teacher" means an individual holding a practitioner's license issued under chapter 272, who is employed as a teacher, librarian, media specialist, or counselor in a nonadministrative position by a school district or area education agency pursuant to a contract issued by a board of directors under section 279.13. A teacher may be employed in both an administrative and a nonadministrative position by a board of directors and shall be considered a part-time teacher for the portion of time that the teacher is employed in a nonadministrative position. "Teacher" includes a licensed individual employed on a less than full-time basis by a school district through a contract between the school district and an institution of higher education with a practitioner preparation program in which the licensed teacher is enrolled.

Section History: Recent form

  2001 Acts, ch 161, §3

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