232.147  Confidentiality of juvenile court records.

1.  Juvenile court records shall be confidential. They shall not be inspected and their contents shall not be disclosed except as provided in this section.

2.  Official juvenile court records in cases alleging delinquency, including complaints under section 232.28, shall be public records, subject to sealing under section 232.150. If the court has excluded the public from a hearing under division II of this chapter, the transcript of the proceedings shall not be deemed a public record and inspection and disclosure of the contents of the transcript shall not be permitted except pursuant to court order or unless otherwise provided in this chapter. Complaints under section 232.28 shall be released in accordance with section 915.25. Other official juvenile court records may be released under this section by a juvenile court officer.

3.  Official juvenile court records in all cases except those alleging delinquency may be inspected and their contents shall be disclosed to the following without court order:

a.  The judge and professional court staff, including juvenile court officers.

b.  The child and the child's counsel.

c.  The child's parent, guardian or custodian, court- appointed special advocate, and guardian ad litem.

d.  The county attorney and the county attorney's assistants.

e.  An agency, association, facility or institution which has custody of the child, or is legally responsible for the care, treatment or supervision of the child.

f.  A court, court professional staff, and adult probation officers in connection with the preparation of a presentence report concerning a person who prior thereto had been the subject of a juvenile court proceeding.

g.  The child's foster parent or an individual providing preadoptive care to the child.

4.  Official juvenile court records enumerated in section 232.2, subsection 38, paragraph "e", relating to paternity, support, or the termination of parental rights, shall be disclosed, upon request, to the child support recovery unit without court order.

5.  Pursuant to court order official records may be inspected by and their contents may be disclosed to:

a.  A person conducting bona fide research for research purposes under whatever conditions the court may deem proper, provided that no personal identifying data shall be disclosed to such a person.

b.  Persons who have a direct interest in a proceeding or in the work of the court.

6.  Inspection of social records and disclosure of their contents shall not be permitted except pursuant to court order or unless otherwise provided in this subsection or chapter.

If an informal adjustment of a complaint is made pursuant to section 232.29, the intake officer shall disclose to the victim of the delinquent act, upon the request of the victim, the name and address of the child who committed the delinquent act.

7.  Social records prior to adjudication may be disclosed without court order to the superintendent or superintendent's designee of a school district, authorities in charge of an accredited nonpublic school, or any other state or local agency that is part of the juvenile justice system, in accordance with an interagency agreement established under section 280.25. The disclosure shall only include identifying information that is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the disclosure. The social records disclosed shall be used solely for the purpose of determining the programs and services appropriate to the needs of the child or the family of the child and shall not be disclosed for any other purpose unless otherwise provided by law.

8.  All juvenile court records shall be made available for inspection and their contents shall be disclosed to any party to the case and the party's counsel and to any trial or appellate court in connection with an appeal pursuant to division VI of this chapter.

9.  The clerk of the district court shall enter information from the juvenile record on the judgment docket and lien index, but only as necessary to record support judgments.

10.  The state agency designated to enforce support obligations may release information as necessary in order to meet statutory responsibilities.

11.  Release of official juvenile court records to a victim of a delinquent act is subject to the provisions of section 915.24, notwithstanding contrary provisions of this chapter.

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 135L.3, 216A.136, 228.6, 232.19, 232.150, 232.151, 235A.17, 280.25, 692A.13, 915.25

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