229.6A  Hospitalization of minors--jurisdiction--due process.

1.  Notwithstanding section 229.11, the juvenile court has exclusive original jurisdiction in proceedings concerning a minor for whom an application for involuntary admission is filed under section 229.6 or for whom an application for voluntary admission is made under section 229.2, subsection 1, to which the minor objects. In proceedings under this chapter concerning a minor, notwithstanding section 229.11, the term "court", "judge", or "clerk" means the juvenile court, judge, or clerk.

2.  The procedural requirements of this chapter are applicable to minors involved in hospitalization proceedings pursuant to subsection 1 and placement proceedings pursuant to section 229.14A.

3.  It is the intent of this chapter that when a minor is involuntarily or voluntarily hospitalized or hospitalized with juvenile court approval over the minor's objection the minor's family shall be included in counseling sessions offered during the minor's stay in a hospital when feasible. Prior to the discharge of the minor the juvenile court may, after a hearing, order that the minor's family be evaluated and therapy ordered if necessary to facilitate the return of the minor to the family setting.

Section History: Recent form

  87 Acts, ch 90, § 3; 92 Acts, ch 1124, § 2; 2001 Acts, ch 155, §29

Internal References

  Referred to in § 218.92, 222.7, 222.55, 226.31, 227.10, 227.15, 229.19, 229.22, 229.24, 229.26, 229.38, 602.6405

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