229.14A  Placement order--notice and hearing.

1.  With respect to a chief medical officer's report made pursuant to section 229.14, subsection 1, paragraph "b", "c", or "d", or any other provision of this chapter related to involuntary commitment for which the court issues a placement order or a transfer of placement is authorized, the court shall provide notice to the respondent and the respondent's attorney or mental health advocate pursuant to section 229.19 concerning the placement order and the respondent's right to request a placement hearing to determine if the order for placement or transfer of placement is appropriate.

2.  The notice shall provide that a request for a placement hearing must be in writing and filed with the clerk within seven days of issuance of the placement order.

3.  A request for a placement hearing may be signed by the respondent, the respondent's next friend, guardian, or attorney.

4.  The court, on its own motion, may order a placement hearing to be held.

5. a.  A placement hearing shall be held no sooner than four days and no later than seven days after the request for the placement hearing is filed unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.

b.  The respondent may be transferred to the placement designated by the court's placement order and receive treatment unless a request for hearing is filed prior to the transfer. If the request for a placement hearing is filed prior to the transfer, the court shall determine where the respondent shall be detained and treated until the date of the hearing.

c.  If the respondent's attorney has withdrawn pursuant to section 229.19, the court shall appoint an attorney for the respondent in the manner described in section 229.8, subsection 1.

6.  Time periods shall be calculated for the purposes of this section excluding weekends and official holidays.

7.  If a respondent's expenses are payable in whole or in part by a county through the single entry point process, notice of a placement hearing shall be provided to the county attorney and the county's single entry point process administrator. At the hearing, the county may present evidence regarding appropriate placement.

8.  In a placement hearing, the court shall determine a placement for the respondent in accordance with the requirements of section 229.23, taking into consideration the evidence presented by all the parties.

9.  A placement made pursuant to an order entered under section 229.13 or 229.14 or this section shall be considered to be authorized through the single entry point process.

Section History: Recent form

  2001 Acts, ch 155, §33, 40

Internal References

  Referred to in § 218.92, 222.7, 222.55, 225.15, 225.17, 226.31, 227.11, 227.15, 229.6A, 229.13, 229.15, 229.17, 229.21, 229.26, 229.38


  Former §229.14A transferred to §229.14B pursuant to directive in 2001 Acts, ch 155, §40

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