910.9  Collection of payments--payment by clerk of court.

An offender making restitution pursuant to a restitution plan of payment shall make the payment monthly to the clerk of court of the county from which the offender was sentenced, unless the restitution plan of payment provides otherwise. If the restitution plan authorizes payment to an entity other than the clerk of court, that entity shall regularly file a partial or full satisfaction of judgment with the clerk of court concerning amounts collected by that entity.

The clerk of court shall maintain a record of all receipts and disbursements of restitution payments and shall disburse all moneys received to the victims designated in the plan of restitution. If there is more than one victim, disbursements to the victims shall be on the basis of the victim's percentage of the total owed by the offender to all victims, except that the clerk of court may decide the allocation of payments owed to a victim of twenty-five dollars or less.

Fines, penalties, and surcharges, crime victim compensation program reimbursement, public agency restitution, court costs including correctional fees claimed by a sheriff pursuant to section 356.7, court-appointed attorney's fees, and expenses for public defenders, shall not be withheld by the clerk of court until all victims have been paid in full. Payments to victims shall be made by the clerk of court at least quarterly. Payments by a clerk of court shall be made no later than the last business day of the quarter, but may be made more often at the discretion of the clerk of court. The clerk of court receiving final payment from an offender shall notify all victims that full restitution has been made. Each office or individual charged with supervising an offender who is required to perform community service as full or partial restitution shall keep records to assure compliance with the portions of the plan of restitution and restitution plan of payment relating to community service and, when the offender has complied fully with the community service requirement, notify the sentencing court.

Section History: Early form

  [82 Acts, ch 1162, § 10]

Section History: Recent form

  83 Acts, ch 56, § 5; 91 Acts, ch 116, §22; 94 Acts, ch 1142, §18; 97 Acts, ch 177, § 37; 98 Acts, ch 1100, § 90; 2000 Acts, ch 1032, §7

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