85.70  Additional payment for attendance.

An employee who has sustained an injury resulting in permanent partial or permanent total disability, for which compensation is payable under this chapter, and who cannot return to gainful employment because of such disability, shall upon application to and approval by the workers' compensation commissioner be entitled to a twenty-dollar weekly payment from the employer in addition to any other benefit payments, during each full week in which the employee is actively participating in a vocational rehabilitation program recognized by the vocational rehabilitation services division of the department of education. The workers' compensation commissioner's approval of such application for payment may be given only after a careful evaluation of available facts, and after consultation with the employer or the employer's representative. Judicial review of the decision of the workers' compensation commissioner may be obtained in accordance with the terms of the Iowa administrative procedure Act and in section 86.26. Such additional benefit payment shall be paid for a period not to exceed thirteen consecutive weeks except that the workers' compensation commissioner may extend the period of payment not to exceed an additional thirteen weeks if the circumstances indicate that a continuation of training will in fact accomplish rehabilitation.

Section History: Early form

  [C71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 85.70]

Section History: Recent form

  96 Acts, ch 1127, §1; 98 Acts, ch 1061, § 11

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