7D.33  State employee suggestion system.

1.  There is created a state employee suggestion system for the purpose of encouraging state employees to develop and submit ideas which will reduce costs and increase efficiency in state government and which will make monetary and other awards to state employees whose cost reduction ideas are adopted under the system.

2.  The department of management shall provide necessary personnel for the efficient operation of the system. The department of management with approval of the executive council shall adopt rules as necessary for the administration of the system and to establish the award policy under which the system will operate. The rules shall include:

a.  Eligibility standards and restrictions for both the state employee submitting the suggestion and the suggestion being submitted. The rules shall provide that suggestions relating to academic affairs, including teaching, research, and patient care programs at a university teaching hospital are ineligible.

b.  Procedures for submitting and evaluating suggestions, including the responsibilities of each person involved in the system and providing that the final decision to implement shall be made by the director of the agency.

c.  The method of presentation of awards to employees.

d.  Any other policies necessary to properly administer the system.

3. a.  When a suggestion is implemented and results in a direct cost reduction within state government, the suggester shall be awarded ten percent of the first year's net savings, not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars or a certificate. A cash award shall not be awarded for a suggestion which saves less than one hundred dollars during the first year of implementation. The department head shall approve all awards and determine the amount to be awarded. Appeals of award amounts shall be submitted to the director of the department of management whose decision is final.

b.  Certificates shall be awarded to suggesters of implemented suggestions that result in a direct cost reduction of less than one hundred dollars. The department head shall make the determination as to who will receive certificates. That decision is final.

4.  An award made pursuant to this section shall be paid for out of the appropriated funds of the department realizing the cost savings, but the payment for awards shall not violate any state or federal contract, law or regulation, or impair any agency contractual obligation.

5. a.  A department shall keep records of each suggestion implemented and the cost savings resulting from the suggestion for a period of one year from the date of implementation of the suggestion.

b.  The director of the department of management shall file a report with the governor and the general assembly for each fiscal year, relating to the administration and implementation of the suggestion system and the benefits for the state, the state departments, and state employees.

6.  The ability of employees to patent ideas submitted under this section is subject to all other agency rules and Code requirements pertaining to patents.

7.  As used in this section, "department" means any department, agency, board, bureau, commission or other administrative office or unit of this state.

Section History: Early form

  [C71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 19.33; 82 Acts, ch 1029, § 1]

Section History: Recent form

  84 Acts, ch 1191, § 1-3

  C93, § 7D.33

Internal References

  Referred to in § 15.108

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