717B.4  Disposition of neglected animals.

1.  A court shall order the disposition of an animal neglected as provided in section 717B.3 after a hearing upon application or petition to the court by a local authority or the person owning or caring for the animal. The matter shall be heard within ten days from the filing of the petition. The court may continue the hearing for up to forty days upon petition by the person. However, the person shall post a bond or other security with the local authority in an amount determined by the court, which shall not be more than the amount sufficient to provide maintenance of the animal for forty days. The court may grant a subsequent continuance by the person for the same length of time if the person submits a new bond or security. However, the court shall order the immediate disposition of the animal if the animal is permanently distressed by disease or injury to a degree that would result in severe or prolonged suffering.

2.  The hearing to determine if the animal has been neglected for purposes of disposition shall be a civil proceeding. If the case is related to a criminal proceeding, the disposition shall not be part of that proceeding and shall not be considered a criminal penalty imposed on a person found in violation of section 717B.3.

3.  A court may order a person owning the neglected animal to pay an amount which shall not be more than the expenses incurred in maintaining the neglected animal rescued pursuant to section 717B.5, and reasonable attorney fees and expenses related to the investigation of the case. The remaining amount of a bond or other security posted pursuant to this chapter shall be used to reimburse the local authority. If more than one person has a divisible interest in the animal, the amount required to be paid shall be prorated based on the percentage of interest in the animal owned by each person. The moneys shall be paid to the local authority incurring the expense. The amount shall be subtracted from proceeds owed to the owner or owners of the animal, which are received from the sale of the animal ordered by the court. Moneys owed to the local authority from the sale of a neglected animal shall be paid to the local authority before satisfying indebtedness secured by any security interest in or lien on the animal. If an owner of the animal is a landowner, the local authority may submit an amount to the clerk of the county board of supervisors who shall report the amount to the county treasurer. The amount shall equal the balance remaining after the sale of the animal. If the animal owner owns a percentage of the animal, the reported amount shall equal the remaining balance owed by all landowners who own a percentage of the animal. That amount shall be prorated among the landowners based on the percentage of interest in the animal attributable to each landowner. The amount shall be placed upon the tax books, and collected with interest and penalties after due, in the same manner as other unpaid property taxes. The county shall reimburse a city within thirty days from the collection of the property taxes.

4.  Neglected animals ordered to be destroyed shall be destroyed only by a humane method, including euthanasia as defined in section 162.2.

Section History: Recent form

  94 Acts, ch 1103, §15

Internal References

  Referred to in § 602.6405, 717B.5

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