69.16  Appointive boards--political affiliation.

All appointive boards, commissions, and councils of the state established by the Code if not otherwise provided by law shall be bipartisan in their composition. No person shall be appointed or reappointed to any board, commission, or council established by the Code if the effect of that appointment or reappointment would cause the number of members of the board, commission, or council belonging to one political party to be greater than one-half the membership of the board, commission, or council plus one.

In the case where the appointment of members of the general assembly is allowed, and the law does not otherwise provide, if an even number of legislators are appointed they shall be equally divided by political party affiliation; if an odd number of members of the general assembly are appointed, the number representing a certain political party shall not exceed by more than one the legislative members of the other political party who may be appointed. If there are multiple appointing authorities for a board, commission or council, the appointing authorities shall consult to avoid a violation of this section. This section shall not apply to any board, commission, or council established by the Code for which other restrictions regarding the political affiliations of members are provided by law.

Section History: Early form

  [C77, 79, 81, § 69.16]

Section History: Recent form

  86 Acts, ch 1245, § 2040; 87 Acts, ch 218, § 7

Internal References

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