633.6202  Petitions--purposes of proceedings.

1.  Except as otherwise provided in section 633.3103, a trustee or beneficiary of a trust may petition the court concerning the internal affairs of the trust or to determine the existence of the trust.

2.  Proceedings concerning the internal affairs of a trust include proceedings to do any of the following:

a.  Construe and determine the terms of a trust.

b.  Determine the existence of any immunity, power, privilege, duty, or right.

c.  Determine the validity of a trust provision.

d.  Ascertain beneficiaries and determine to whom property shall pass or be delivered upon final or partial termination of the trust.

e.  Settle accounts and pass upon the acts of the trustee, including the exercise of discretionary powers.

f.  Instruct the trustee.

g.  Compel the trustee to report information about the trust or account to the beneficiary.

h.  Grant powers to or modify powers of the trustee.

i.  Fix or allow payment of the trustee's compensation or review the reasonableness of the compensation.

j.  Appoint or remove a trustee.

k.  Accept the resignation of a trustee.

l.  Compel redress of a breach of trust by any available remedy.

m.  Approve or direct the modification or termination of the trust.

n.  Approve or direct the combination or division of trusts.

o.  Authorize or direct transfer or a trust or trust property to or from another jurisdiction.

p.  Determine liability of a trust for debts or the expenses of administration of the estate of a deceased settlor.

q.  Determine any other issue that will aid in the administration of the trust.

Section History: Recent form

  99 Acts, ch 125, §95, 109

Internal References

  Referred to in § 633.4106, 633.4107, 633.4601, 633.6301


  Section effective July 1, 2000; 99 Acts, ch 125, §109

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