633.6105  Transfer of jurisdiction.

1.  The court may transfer the place of administration of a trust to or from this state or transfer some or all of the trust property to a trustee in or outside this state if it finds any of the following:

a.  The transfer of the trust property to a trustee in this or another jurisdiction, or the transfer of the place of administration of the trust to this or another jurisdiction, will promote the best interests of the trust and those interested in it, taking into account the economical and convenient administration of the trust and the views of the adult beneficiaries.

b.  Any new trustee to whom the trust property is to be transferred is qualified, willing, and able to administer the trust or trust property under the terms of the trust.

c.  If the trust or any portion of the trust property is to be transferred to another jurisdiction and if approval of the transfer by the other court is required under the law of the other jurisdiction, the proper court in the other jurisdiction has approved the transfer.

2.  If a transfer is ordered, the court may direct the manner of transfer and impose terms and conditions as may be just, including a requirement for the substitution of a successor trustee in any pending litigation in this state. A delivery of property in accordance with the order of the court is a full discharge of the trustee with respect to all property embraced in the order.

3.  If the court grants a petition to transfer a trust or trust property to this state, the court shall require the trustee to give bond, if necessary under the law of the other jurisdiction or of this state, and may require bond as provided in section 633.4102.

Section History: Recent form

  99 Acts, ch 125, §93, 109


  Section effective July 1, 2000; 99 Acts, ch 125, §109

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