602.6110  Peer review court.

1.  A peer review court may be established in each judicial district to divert certain juvenile offenders from the criminal or juvenile justice systems. The court shall consist of a qualified adult to act as judge while the duties of prosecutor, defense counsel, court attendant, clerk, and jury shall be performed by persons twelve through seventeen years of age.

2.  The jurisdiction of the peer review court extends to those persons ten through seventeen years of age who have committed misdemeanor offenses, or delinquent acts which would be misdemeanor offenses if committed by an adult, who have admitted involvement in the misdemeanor or delinquent act, and who meet the criteria established for entering into an informal adjustment agreement for those offenses. Those persons may elect to appear before the peer review court for a determination of the terms and conditions of the informal adjustment or may elect to proceed with the informal or formal procedures established in chapter 232.

3.  The peer review court shall not determine guilt or innocence and any statements or admissions made by the person before the peer review court are not admissible in any formal proceedings involving the same person. The peer review court shall only determine the terms and conditions of the informal adjustment for the offense. The terms and conditions may consist of fines, restrictions for damages, attendance at treatment programs, or community service work or any combination of these penalties as appropriate to the offense or delinquent act committed. A person appearing before the peer review court may also be required to serve as a juror on the court as a part of the person's sentence.

4.  The chief judge of each judicial district which establishes a peer review court shall appoint a peer review court advisory board. The advisory board shall adopt rules for the peer review court advisory program, shall appoint persons to serve on the peer review court, and shall supervise the expenditure of funds appropriated to the program. Rules adopted shall include procedures which are designed to eliminate the influence of prejudice and racial and economic discrimination in the procedures and decisions of the peer review court.

Section History: Recent form

  89 Acts, ch 262, §1; 97 Acts, ch 126, §44; 98 Acts, ch 1100, §77

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