602.6105  Places of holding court--magistrate schedules.

1.  Courts shall be held at the places in each county maintaining space for the district court as designated by the chief judge of the judicial district, except that the determination of actions, special proceedings, and other matters not requiring a jury may be done at some other place in the district with the consent of the parties. For the purposes of this subsection, contiguous counties which have entered into an agreement to share costs pursuant to section 331.381, subsection 17, paragraph "b", shall be considered as one unit for the purpose of conducting all matters except as otherwise provided in this subsection.

2.  In any county having two county seats, court shall be held at each, and, in the county of Pottawattamie, court shall be held at Avoca, as well as at the county seat.

3.  The chief judge of a judicial district shall designate times and places for magistrates to hold court to ensure accessibility of magistrates at all times throughout the district. The schedule of times and places of availability of magistrates and any schedule changes shall be disseminated by the chief judge to the peace officers within the district.

Section History: Recent form

  83 Acts, ch 186, § 7105, 10201; 92 Acts, ch 1164, § 4

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