602.1301  Budget and fiscal procedures.

1.  The supreme court shall prepare an annual operating budget for the judicial branch, and shall submit a budget request to the general assembly for the fiscal period for which the general assembly is appropriating funds.

2. a.  As early as possible, but not later than December 1, the supreme court shall submit to the legislative fiscal bureau the annual budget request and detailed supporting information for the judicial branch. The submission shall be designed to assist the legislative fiscal bureau in its preparation for legislative consideration of the budget request. The information submitted shall contain and be arranged in a format substantially similar to the format specified by the director of management and used by all departments and establishments in transmitting to the director estimates of their expenditure requirements pursuant to section 8.23, except the estimates of expenditure requirements shall be based upon one hundred percent of funding for the current fiscal year accounted for by program, and using the same line item definitions of expenditures as used for the current fiscal year's budget request, and the remainder of the estimate of expenditure requirements prioritized by program. The supreme court shall also make use of the department of management's automated budget system when submitting information to the director of management to assist the director in the transmittal of information as required under section 8.35A. The supreme court shall budget and track expenditures by the following separate organization codes:

(1)  Iowa court information system.

(2)  Appellate courts.

(3)  Central administration.

(4)  District court administration.

(5)  Judges and magistrates.

(6)  Court reporters.

(7)  Juvenile court officers.

(8)  District court clerks.

(9)  Jury and witness fees.(9)  Jury and witness fees.

b.  Before December 1, the supreme court shall submit to the director of management an estimate of the total expenditure requirements of the judicial branch. The director of management shall submit this estimate received from the supreme court to the governor for inclusion without change in the governor's proposed budget for the succeeding fiscal year. The estimate shall also be submitted to the chairpersons of the committees on appropriations.

3.  The state court administrator shall prescribe the procedures to be used by the operating components of the judicial branch with respect to the following:

a.  The preparation, submission, review, and revision of budget requests.

b.  The allocation and disbursement of funds appropriated to the judicial branch.

c.  The purchase of forms, supplies, equipment, and other property.

d.  Other matters relating to fiscal administration.

4.  The state court administrator shall prescribe practices and procedures for the accounting and internal auditing of funds of the judicial branch, including uniform practices and procedures to be used by judicial officers and court employees with respect to all funds, regardless of source.

Section History: Recent form

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