562B.6  Jurisdiction and service of process.

1.  The appropriate district court of this state may exercise jurisdiction over a landlord or tenant with respect to conduct in this state governed by this chapter or with respect to any claim arising from a transaction subject to this chapter. An action under this chapter may be brought as a small claim pursuant to the provisions of chapter 631. In addition to any other method provided by rule or by statute, personal jurisdiction over a landlord or tenant may be acquired in a civil action or proceeding instituted in the appropriate district court by the service of process in the manner provided by this section.

2.  If a landlord is not a resident of this state or is a corporation not authorized to do business in this state and engages in conduct in this state governed by this chapter, or engages in a transaction subject to this chapter, the landlord shall designate an agent upon whom service of process may be made in this state. The agent shall be a resident of this state or a corporation authorized to do business in this state. The designation shall be in writing and filed with the secretary of state. If no designation is made and filed or if process cannot be served in this state upon the designated agent, process may be served upon the secretary of state, but the plaintiff or petitioner shall forthwith mail a copy of this process and pleading by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the defendant or respondent at that person's last reasonably ascertained address. If there is no last reasonably ascertainable address and if the defendant or respondent has not complied with section 562B.14, subsections 1 and 2, then service upon the secretary of state shall be sufficient service of process without the mailing of copies to the defendant or respondent. Service of process shall be deemed complete and the time shall begin to run for the purposes of this section at the time of service upon the secretary of state. The defendant shall appear and answer within thirty days after completion thereof in the manner and under the same penalty as if defendant had been personally served with the summons. An affidavit of compliance with this section shall be filed with the clerk of the district court on or before the return day of the process, or within any further time the court allows.

Section History: Early form

  [C79, 81, § 562B.6]

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