555C.1  Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1.  "Home" means a mobile home, modular home, or a manufactured home as defined in section 435.1.

2.  "Mobile home park" means a mobile home park as defined in section 435.1.

3.  "Personal property" includes personal property of the owner or other occupant of the home, which is located in the home, on the lot where the home is located, in the immediate vicinity of the home or lot, or in any storage area provided by the real property owner for use of the home owner or occupant.

4.  "Valueless home" means a home located in a mobile home park including all other personal property, where all of the following conditions exist:

a.  The home has been abandoned as defined in section 562B.27, subsection 1, and the home has not been removed after the right to possession of the underlying real estate has been terminated pursuant to chapter 648.

b.  A lien of record, other than a tax lien as provided in chapter 435, does not exist against the home. A lien exists only if the real property owner receives notice of a lien on the standardized registration form completed by an owner or occupant pursuant to chapter 562B, or a lien has been filed in the state or county records on a date before the home is considered to be valueless.

c.  The value of the home and other personal property is equal to or less than the reasonable cost of disposal plus all sums owing to the real property owner pertaining to the home.

Section History: Recent form

  95 Acts, ch 104, §1

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