543B.7  Acts excluded from provisions.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the sale, exchange, purchase, rental, lease, or advertising of any real estate in any of the following cases:

1.  A person who, as owner, spouse of an owner, general partner of a limited partnership, lessor, or prospective purchaser, or through another engaged by such person on a regular full-time basis, buys, sells, manages, or otherwise performs any act with reference to property owned, rented, leased, or to be acquired by such person.

2.  By any person acting as attorney in fact under a duly executed and acknowledged power of attorney from the owner, to act on behalf of the owner or lessor to authorize the final consummation and execution of any contract for the sale, leasing, or exchange of real estate.

3.  A licensed attorney admitted to practice in Iowa acting solely as an incident to the practice of law.

4.  A person acting as a receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, administrator, executor, guardian, or while acting under court order or under authority of a deed of trust, trust agreement, or will.

5.  The acts of an auctioneer in conducting a public sale or auction. The auctioneer's role must be limited to establishing the time, place, and method of an auction; advertising the auction including a brief description of the property for auction, the time and place for the auction, and the name and address of the real estate broker or attorney who is providing brokerage services for the transaction and who is also responsible for closing the sale of the property; and crying the property at the auction. If the auctioneer closes or attempts to close the sale of the property or otherwise engages in acts defined in sections 543B.3 and 543B.6, then the requirements of this chapter do apply to the auctioneer.

6.  An isolated real estate rental transaction by an owner's representative on behalf of the owner; such transaction not being made in the course of repeated and successive transactions of a like character.

7.  The sale of time-share uses as defined in section 557A.2.

8.  A person acting as a resident manager when such resident manager resides in the dwelling and is engaged in the leasing of real property in connection with their employment.

9.  An officer or employee of the federal government, state government, or a political subdivision of the state, in the conduct of the officer's or employee's official duties.

10.  A person employed by a public or private utility who performs an act with reference to property owned, leased, or to be acquired by the utility employing that person, where such an act is performed in the regular course of, or incident to, the management of the property and the investment in the property.

11.  A nonlicensed employee of a licensee who provides information to another licensee concerning the sale, exchange, purchase, rental, lease, or advertising of real estate which has been provided to the employee by the employer licensee either verbally or in writing.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 543B.43, 543C.6

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