514C.18  Diabetes coverage.

1.  Notwithstanding the uniformity of treatment requirements of section 514C.6, a policy or contract providing for third-party payment or prepayment of health or medical expenses shall provide coverage benefits for the cost associated with equipment, supplies, and self-management training and education for the treatment of all types of diabetes mellitus when prescribed by a physician licensed under chapter 148, 150, or 150A. Coverage benefits shall include coverage for the cost associated with all of the following:

a.  Blood glucose meter and glucose strips for home monitoring.

b.  Payment for diabetes self-management training and education only under all of the following conditions:

(1)  The physician managing the individual's diabetic condition certifies that such services are needed under a comprehensive plan of care related to the individual's diabetic condition to ensure therapy compliance or to provide the individual with necessary skills and knowledge to participate in the management of the individual's condition.

(2)  The diabetic self-management training and education program is certified by the Iowa department of public health. The department shall consult with the American diabetes association, Iowa affiliate, in developing the standards for certification of diabetes education programs as follows:

(a)  Initial training shall cover up to ten hours of initial outpatient diabetes self-management training within a continuous twelve-month period for each individual that meets any of the following conditions:

(i)  A new onset of diabetes.

(ii)  Poor glycemic control as evidenced by a glycosylated hemoglobin of nine and five-tenths or more in the ninety days before attending the training.

(iii)  A change in treatment regimen from no diabetes medications to any diabetes medication, or from oral diabetes medication to insulin.

(iv)  High risk for complications based on poor glycemic control; documented acute episodes of severe hypoglycemia or acute severe hyperglycemia occurring in the past year during which the individual needed third-party assistance for either emergency room visits or hospitalization.

(v)  High risk based on documented complications of a lack of feeling in the foot or other foot complications such as foot ulcer or amputation, pre-proliferative or proliferative retinopathy or prior laser treatment of the eye, or kidney complications related to diabetes, such as macroalbuminuria or elevated creatinine.

(b)  An individual who receives the initial training shall be eligible for a single follow-up training session of up to one hour each year.

2. a.  This section applies to the following classes of third-party payment provider contracts or policies delivered, issued for delivery, continued, or renewed in this state on or after July 1, 1999:

b.  This section shall not apply to accident only, specified disease, short-term hospital or medical, hospital confinement indemnity, credit, dental, vision, Medicare supplement, long-term care, basic hospital and medical-surgical expense coverage as defined by the commissioner, disability income insurance coverage, coverage issued as a supplement to liability insurance, workers' compensation or similar insurance, or automobile medical payment insurance.

(1)  Individual or group accident and sickness insurance providing coverage on an expense-incurred basis.

(2)  An individual or group hospital or medical service contract issued pursuant to chapter 509, 514, or 514A.

(3)  An individual or group health maintenance organization contract regulated under chapter 514B.

(4)  Any other entity engaged in the business of insurance, risk transfer, or risk retention, which is subject to the jurisdiction of the commissioner.

(5)  A plan established pursuant to chapter 509A for public employees.

(6)  An organized delivery system licensed by the director of public health.

Section History: Recent form

  99 Acts, ch 75, §1; 99 Acts, ch 208, §58

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