48A.38  Lists of voters.

1.  Any person may request of the registrar and shall receive, upon payment of the cost of preparation, a list of registered voters and other data on registration and participation in elections, in accordance with the following requirements and limitations:

a.  The registrar shall prepare each list requested within fourteen days of receipt of the request, except that the registrar shall not be required to prepare any list within seven days of the close of registration for any regularly scheduled election if the preparation of the list would impede the preparation of election registers for that election.

b.  Each list shall be as current as possible, but shall in all cases reflect voter activity reported to any commissioner twenty-eight or more days before preparation of the list.

c.  Each list shall be in the order and form specified by the list purchaser, and shall contain the registration data specified by the list purchaser, provided compliance with the request is within the capability of the record maintenance system used by the registrar.

d.  Lists prepared shall not include inactive records unless specifically requested by the requester.

e.  The registrar shall prepare updates to lists at least biweekly, and after the close of registration for a regularly scheduled election, but before the election, if requested to do so at the time a list is purchased. All updates shall be made available to all requesters at the same time, and shall be in the order and form specified by each requester.

2.  The registrar shall maintain a log of the name, address, and telephone number of every person who receives a list under this section, and of every person who reviews registration records in the office of the registrar. Commissioners of registration shall maintain a similar log in their offices of those who receive a list from the commissioner or who review registration records in the commissioner's office. Logs maintained under this subsection are public records, and shall be available for public inspection at reasonable times.

Section History: Recent form

  94 Acts, ch 1169, §39

Internal References

  Referred to in § 47.8

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