48A.30  Cancellation of voter registration.

1.  The voter registration of a registered voter shall be canceled if any of the following occurs:

a.  The registered voter dies. For the purposes of this subsection, the commissioner may accept as evidence of death a notice from the state registrar of vital statistics forwarded by the state registrar of voters, a written statement from a member of the registered voter's household, an obituary in a newspaper, a written statement from an election official, or a notice from the clerk of the district court in the county where the registered voter died.

b.  The registered voter registers to vote in another jurisdiction, and the commissioner receives notice of the registration from the registration official in the other jurisdiction.

c.  The registered voter requests the cancellation in writing.

For the purposes of this subsection, a confirmation by the registered voter that the registered voter is no longer a resident of the county constitutes a request for cancellation.

d.  The clerk of the district court, or the United States attorney, or the state registrar sends notice of the registered voter's conviction of a felony as defined in section 701.7, or conviction of an offense classified as a felony under federal law. The clerk of the district court shall send notice of a felony conviction to the state registrar of voters. The registrar shall determine in which county the felon is registered to vote, if any, and shall notify the county commissioner of registration for that county of the felony conviction.

e.  The clerk of the district court or the state registrar sends notice that the registered voter has been declared a person who is mentally incompetent to vote under state law.

f.  The registered voter's registration record has been inactive pursuant to section 48A.29 for two successive general elections.

2.  When a registration is canceled pursuant to subsection 1, paragraph "d", "e", or "f", the commissioner shall send a notice of the cancellation to the registered voter.

Section History: Recent form

  94 Acts, ch 1169, §31; 98 Acts, ch 1185, § 5

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