48A.26  Acknowledgment of registration form.

1.  Within seven working days of receipt of a voter registration form or change of information in a voter registration record the commissioner shall send an acknowledgment to the registrant at the mailing address shown on the registration form. The acknowledgment shall be sent by nonforwardable mail.

2.  If the registration form appears on its face to be complete and proper, the acknowledgment shall state that the registrant is now a registered voter of the county. The acknowledgment shall also specify the name of the precinct and the usual polling place for the precinct in which the person is now registered. The acknowledgment may include the political party affiliation most recently recorded by the registrant.

3.  If the registration form is missing required information, the acknowledgment shall advise the applicant what additional information is required. The commissioner shall enclose a new registration by mail form for the applicant to use. If the registration form has no address, the commissioner shall make a reasonable effort to determine where the acknowledgment should be sent.

4.  If the acknowledgment is returned as undeliverable by the United States postal service, the commissioner shall follow the procedure described in section 48A.29, subsection 1.

5.  If a registrant has not supplied enough information on a registration form for the commissioner to determine the correct precinct and other districts, the commissioner shall obtain the information as quickly as possible either from the registrant or other sources available to the commissioner.

6.  An improperly addressed or delivered registration form shall be forwarded to the appropriate county commissioner of registration within two working days after it is received by any other official. The date of registration shall be the date the registration form was received by the first official. If the registration form was postmarked fifteen or more days before an election and the registration form was received by the first official after the close of registration, the registration form shall be considered on time for the election.

7.  When a person who is at least seventeen and one-half years of age but less than eighteen years of age registers to vote, the commissioner shall maintain a record of the registration so as to clearly indicate that it will not take effect until the registrant's eighteenth birthday and that the person is registered and qualifies to vote at any election held on or after that date.

Section History: Recent form

  94 Acts, ch 1169, §27; 97 Acts, ch 170, § 15

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