48A.14  Challenges of voter registrations.

1.  The registration of a registered voter may be challenged by another registered voter of the same county subject to the conditions and limitations of this section. A challenge shall be a statement in writing to the commissioner alleging one or more of the following reasons the challenged registrant's registration should not have been accepted or should be canceled:

a.  The challenged registrant is not a citizen of the United States.

b.  The challenged registrant is less than seventeen and one-half years of age.

c.  The challenged registrant is not a resident at the address where the registrant is registered.

d.  The challenged registrant has falsified information on the registrant's registration form.

e.  The challenged registrant has been convicted of a felony, and the registrant's voting rights have not been restored.

f.  The challenged registrant has been adjudged by a court of law to be a person who is mentally incompetent to vote and no subsequent proceeding has reversed that finding.

2.  A challenge shall not contain allegations against more than one registered voter.

3.  A challenge shall contain a statement signed by the challenger in substantially the following form:  "I swear or affirm that information contained on this challenge is true. I understand that knowingly filing a challenge containing false information is an aggravated misdemeanor."

4.  A challenge may be filed at any time. A challenge filed less than seventy days before a regularly scheduled election shall not be processed until after the pending election unless the challenge is filed within twenty days of the commissioner's receipt of the challenged registrant's registration form or notice of change to an existing registration.

5.  A challenger may withdraw a challenge at any time before the hearing held pursuant to section 48A.16 by notifying the commissioner in writing of the withdrawal.

Section History: Recent form

  94 Acts, ch 1169, §15; 95 Acts, ch 67, §7; 98 Acts, ch 1185, § 4

Internal References

  Referred to in § 48A.15, 48A.41

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