486A.1102  Statement of foreign qualification.

1.  Before transacting business in this state, a foreign limited liability partnership must file a statement of foreign qualification. The statement must contain all of the following:

a.  The name of the foreign limited liability partnership which satisfies the requirements of the state or other jurisdiction under whose law it is formed and ends with "Registered Limited Liability Partnership", "Limited Liability Partnership", "R.L.L.P.", "L.L.P.", "RLLP", or "LLP".

b.  The street address of the partnership's chief executive office and, if different, the street address of an office of the partnership in this state, if any.

c.  If there is no office of the partnership in this state, the name and street address of the partnership's agent for service of process.

d.  A deferred effective date, if any.

2.  The agent of a foreign limited liability company for service of process must be an individual who is a resident of this state or other person authorized to do business in this state.

3.  The status of a partnership as a foreign limited liability partnership is effective on the later of the filing of the statement of foreign qualification or a date specified in the statement. The status remains effective, regardless of changes in the partnership, until it is canceled pursuant to section 486A.105, subsection 4.

4.  An amendment or cancellation of a statement of foreign qualification is effective when it is filed or on a deferred effective date specified in the amendment or cancellation.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1201, §56, 79, 82

Internal References

  Referred to in §486A.101

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